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I'm Carv, fully known as carvtoons. I started animated in early 2020 on an account named SCtriestodraw. I made a series, and everything spiraled down from there. 2021 then arrived, and I made this account, a new one!

However, petty arguments and me generally being a jackass towards people, this time, without a "show" or "series" attached to my name quickly ruined my reputation among my friends, some of whom left me. I had been trying to forget my old account mentioned early for a while at this point, but it was here where I realized ignoring it had not helped me, at all. Funny, isn't it? Make a new account and you're still the same ol' person. So, I decided to legitimately change, though I'm sure my followers who aren't close to me would not know this, as I tried to separate my growth from my newgrounds, for my viewers sanity, a decision I argue is not regrettable. Since then, I haven't became a perfect person. I still have my blunders, and in a lot of ways, I still have that sickly, demented and egotistical person inside of me. But I tried to make myself a better person, and I got some of those friends back. So now i'm here. Late 2021, 6 animations in. It isn't super impressive, but hey, I did it! This is my longest surviving online account, and I've amassed almost 80 followers, though that's mainly because my involvement in my dear friend @zachs234's An Ordinary Adventure Forgotten, as well as... limited involvement in his first aoa game. And though me and him don't hang out as often anymore due to issues I have with his company, I still think he's a great guy. And of course, there's @Kilomatter, who stuck with me through and through, despite having to deal with me at my objective worst. He's a really good friend who's done a lot for me, so by all means, follow and support his art and gamedev endeavors. Additionally, who could forget @midgetsausage. He is responsible for a lot of my growth as a person, as he was the first one to really give me a wake up call, getting me out of a rut. He's also responsible for me ditching the "extremely large nose" style, which already makes him deserve like... 1000 followers. So here's my advice to anyone who feels like they're not a great person, or they might be hurting people. Learn to love and accept yourself, and then, learn to love others. even the most egotistical of people are usually the way they are, because they dislike aspects of themselves, so rather than accept themselves, they'd rather just trick themselves into thinking they're important and a hot shot, which usually negatively reflects on the folks they'd interact with. And for the people with already low egos, they take that lack of love for themselves out on others, which is never a good thing.

(Additional notes) I also really fell in love with my passions this year, playing a lot of rpgs, including the mother series, which has had a large impact on me, and made me join communities i wouldn't have dreamt of joining earlier this year! If you're ever feeling down, don't feel ashamed to indulge in your interests, or even try new things! A day without fun, is a day wasted.

At that, i must thank all 79 of you, for making this year so successful and great. I would not be here now if it wasn't for you, so take some time to give yourself a round of applause. This is carv, signing out.

(P.S. the next animation will be out by april 2022)